Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: International Women's Day~Kampala

by Darlyne Komukama

Tuesday 8th March is International Women's Day, a day that Awava is passionate about. And this year, we get to celebrate it with many other women in Uganda at the bouquet hotel, Emin Pasha.

International Women's Day - Celebrating 100 years will start at 9.00am with Afrikan Yoga and continues with an art exhibition of women artists. Our very own, Kate von Achen will talk about women in business. There will be music and poetry by women and a chance for some socially conscious fair trade purchases. If you're going to be in Kampala, make sure to come check it out. Did I forget to say the entrance is free?


9-11am "Celebrating Feminine Energy" with Ife Piankhi: explore feminine yoga postures, womb meditation and creation. Space is limited so please RSVP with Ife at this number: 0702279319 or email Wear loose clothing!

10am Opening of art, sculpture and photographic exhibition on women by women. Sponsors information points open for consultation. Freedom of information with representatives from major service providers offering products tailor made for women.

10.30am –12.30pm Forum for presentation, discussion and debate on proposed topics:
(Light refreshments provided during forum)
“counting on women” how accessible is financial literacy for women? What opportunities exist for women to reach executives positions in business? What are the obstacles facing Ugandan women entrepreneurs? Educational opportunities to empower the female population now and for the future.
-Kate von Achen of Awava speaking on women in business

“Strength of a woman” Health and wellbeing, reproductive healthcare availability and standards in Uganda, domestic violence and the legal ramifications of the current domestic relations law .

“Nation Builders” Examples of courage and resilience in raising families throughout the political and social difficulties of Uganda over the past 50years. Examples of women in challenging careers with regard to the social and cultural atmosphere of Uganda.

Lunch break: Ladies light lunch menu available at The Emin Pasha Hotel

2pm onwards: Entertainment
● Live music from a selection of female artists
● Poetry and performance by women about women
● Shopping opportunities provided at The Duuka (Shop at the Emin Pasha)
● A taste of whats available from some of Uganda’s promising women stylists and young fashion designers
● Food for thought with tea and treats available.

6pm Sundowners with signature centenary cocktails to mark the celebration

6.30pm closure with short film: In someone else’s shoes taking a look at women’s lives through film

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pk said...

Iam so proud of you people.Thank you for thinking about mothers of the nation.Wish you all the best.