Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kampala! Don't Miss Awava THIS Saturday at Cafe Kawa ~ Muyenga!

Kampala! Don't miss Awava at Cafe Kawa on Tank Hill Road in Muyenga THIS Saturday from 11am until 2pm! Cafe Kawa will be having their grand opening so lots of great specials AND Waswad will be there, along with out new Mzuribeads jewelry!

Awava THIS Friday in Boston!!!

Boston area friends! Don't miss Awava this Friday, December 2nd at Tufts University!!!

The OneWorld Bazaar brings together student groups, local artisans, students and faculty in efforts to raise awareness about fair trade and global inequality. Join over 20 student groups and 5 local vendors to browse hundreds of local and global fair trade crafts and food products. With this year's theme, Fair Trade and Socially Responsible Consumption, the bazaar will help you think about how to "Vote With Your Dollar" as you get a head start on holiday shopping. Enjoy free food from local restaurants, support artisans around the world, and learn more about ways you can be a more responsible consumer in the future! For more information check out our website www.oneworldtufts.com

The event will be in the Mayer Campus Center, 11:00am - 4:30pm on Friday, December 2, 2011.

The Mayer Campus Center is located at:
44 Professors Row
Medford, MA 02155

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Awava @ Wonder Fair Gallery Holiday Market!

New Fabrics in Production NOW!

Sorry for the wrinkles! Power has been quite scarce in Uganda these days, so ironing was not an option. Darn! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Random Awava Sighting...Kigali, Rwanda

Darlyne has been in Kigali, Rwanda for the weekend, and thanks to her observant eyes, spotted this billboard for a bank, which it appears is advertising that it helps SMEs (small-medium enterprises), and they seem to have snatched some photos of our Kamwa Napkins to stick on their advert!

Photo by Darlyne Komukama

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming Soon: Mzuri Beads - Awava Riboni Necklace!

Our new favorite in the Mzuri Beads - Awava collection is without a doubt the new Riboni Necklace! Incorporating recycled paper, bark cloth, cow horn and watermelon seed beads, strung together with a complementary ribbon (making this necklace adjustable), and a chunky and asymmetrical design, this necklace is sure to turn a lot of heads!

Available in the US in a couple of weeks!


Coming Soon: Mzuri Beads - Awava Ssanyu Earrings!

Yes there's more! We just couldn't stop designing with Mzuri Beads and their amazing eco-loving beads! The new Ssanyu Earrings have recycled glass, bark cloth, cow horn AND paper, with recycled sterling silver ear wires!

Reaching the US soon!

Coming Soon: Mzuri Beads - Awava Papula Necklace!

The Papula Necklace, uses all of the bead options from Mzuri Bead's amazing offerings! Recycled paper (papula), cow horn, bark cloth AND banana fiber! This necklace will be available in purple and red, and we can't wait to get it on our site in just a couple of weeks!