Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming Soon: Mzuri Beads - Awava Mukwano Earrings!

Our new Mukwano-Mzuri earrings, in partnership with Mzuri Beads, are a symbol of us fusing together to add value to the work done by the Mzuri Beads artisans! Our Mukwano (friendship) earring design has been available since early this year, and the new Mukwano design, "Mzuri", is what connects Awava and Mzuri Beads.

The Mukwano-Mzuri earrings are made of recycled bark cloth and cow horn, threaded on recycled sterling silver wire.

Awava's Mukwano-Mzuri earrings will be available later this month in both "light" and "dark"!

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