Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Partner Profile: Stand Tall Education Network!

Stand Tall Education Network is a non-profit organization creating educational opportunities and building school facilities to serve the world’s most disadvantaged children. A good education empowers children to trust their ideas, look for new answers, and Stand Tall as future leaders.

Stand Tall combines an academic curriculum with a holistic, creative arts and entrepreneurship curriculum filling a gap that most schools in Uganda, and the World miss, making them especially exciting to Awava.

Stand Tall has completed the construction of a no-fee primary school in Kampala, Uganda to educate children who cannot afford the expense associated with government-sponsored schools, and we continue to fund the ongoing operational expenses and programs that sustain it. The school is located on a one acre property in a low income area of Kampala.

Stand Tall will be selling Awava products in an effort to raise funds for their school, one of the many ways they are working on sustainability. We are beyond excited about this partnership!

Find out more about Stand Tall on their website, and get regular updates by "liking" them on Facebook and following them on Twitter!

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