Raise Funds for Your Org!

The Awava Fundraising Program is an excellent alternative to your typical fundraiser. Through the Awava Fundraising Program, you can raise necessary funds for your favorite group or organization in partnership with producers within Uganda. The Awava Fundraising Program creates a symbiotic relationship by increasing the work of the Women producers on the ground in Uganda while raising funds for your group or organization.

The Awava Fundraising Program gives approved groups and organizations access to wholesale prices of all Awava products including our wide array of jewelry, kitchen wares, bags, baskets, etc. Along with the wholesale pricing, you will be given informational materials about Awava, fair trade and the artisans on the ground in Uganda, which can be duplicated and passed out at your fundraising sale!

The Awava Fundraising Program is particularly excited to work with various Women’s groups and shelters, groups with an interest in socially conscious business as well as groups generally focused on African issues.

For more information, please contact Kate von Achen, the founding director of Awava, via email at kate@awavamarket.com.

For more information about Awava and to see the exciting products we offer, please visit us at www.awavamarket.com. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!