Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: Elections... and Some Dancing

by Hanna Schwing

Uganda's presidential and parliamentary, as well as local elections took place last Friday and this Wednesday respectively. There was a lot of concern that violence would take place because of elections. Ugandan elections in the past have been occasionally violent, and it seemed possible that the spirit of revolution would sweep in from north Africa. Presidential and parliamentary elections passed by with almost no violence, and worries shifted to what would happen when results were on announced on Sunday. Sunday passed by without many incidents and with many armed soldiers strolling around to ensure peace, if disturbed, would be forcefully restored.

When voters took to the polls for local elections on Wednesday, there were many clashes at voting sites. The clashes in Kampala were settled when Kampala's mayoral elections were rescheduled. The army was deployed in some other areas to restore peace. Opposition members have called for peaceful demonstrations calling for a revote of presidential and parliamentary ballots, but it seems unlikely that will happen.

Despite Wednesday's violent scuffles, life seems to be very much returning to normal.

Any Kampalans (Kampalites?) wishing to let loose after the weeks of worry can indulge in a night of dance tonight at the 8th Dance Week Uganda Festival at the National Theatre. Tonight's performances of contemporary dance from around the world are free, but there's a charge for Saturday and Sunday night performances: 10,000 UGX for a one night pass and 15,000 UGX for a two night pass. It's sure to be better than staying at home and obsessively checking for election news.

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