Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: Pay it forward and catch a ballet.

by Darlyne Komukama

The Pay It Forward Foundation Uganda is a non profit organisation whose vision is to create a kinder and more humane world by teaching the idea of performing random acts of genuine kindness. PIFF, as it is more commonly known, is holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 19th March, 2011 starting at 4pm which is to be followed by a fundraising gala at Ache Havana in the Centenary Park.

Entrance is free for all. If you are in town, come on down and lend a helping hand and support the cause.

The Uganda National Contemporary Ballet was started in 2007 by the acclaimed choreographer Valerie Miquel and since then they have been addressing the Ugandan condition through dance. Catch them on Sunday 20th March at 6pm at the National Theatre where they will showcase two new pieces, 'Out of Control' and 'Fusion Power'.

Looks like we Kampalans have a busy weekend ahead of us. See you out there.

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