Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Darlyne Komukama, Awava's Newest Team Member!

Darlyne Komukama is the newest addition to the Awava team!

Darlyne hit the ground running this week working on various tasks from hardware, meeting one of our artisan groups, and today she will even have her first experience (with Awava) fabric shopping! Her positive attitude and eagerness to get things done is exactly what Awava looks for and we seem to have hit the jackpot!

Darlyne has a BA in Organisational Studies from the prestigious Makerere University but does not believe that her academic qualifications should or do define her. She has had a varied career including but not limited to: construction, events planning, telecommunication, mobile money and modeling.

Darlyne had the desire to do something more meaningful with her life and believes that Awava is the perfect vehicle for this. She was born and raised in Uganda and understands how important fair trade is to the women of her home.

These are quite possibly the only photos where she won't be seen flashing a 'peace' sign.

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Ishta said...

Yeah Darlyne, what's up with that constant peace sign? Nevertheless, congratulations! To awava that is.