Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Awava to hit Australian Market in Partnership with Fantastic Australian NGO!

The United Future Fundation (UFF) is an Australian non-governmental organization operating in Uganda. UFF is "breaking the cycle" of poverty through education, building a combined primary school and vocational training center in rural Uganda based on a strong belief that education is the means to creating lasting change.

UFF is focussed on making education and skills trainings accessible to Ugandan yough in poverty-stricken, rural and remote areas.

UFF has partnered with Awava to develop tailoring and crafts courses for their Technical and Vocational Education Training Program (TVET). This partnership aims to provide UFF with a foundation of skills and experience that will not only assist in developing crafts and tailoring skills for the UFF TVET Program, but will also increase the scope in which UFF and Awava can work together to create sustainable development for women across Uganda.

As of October 2010, UFF and Awava have adopted an open-ended
partnership agreement that will allow UFF to work with the Awava team to
open the Australian market for Awava UFF craft products. While UFF develop
their TVET Tailoring Programs, the partnership agreement will allow UFF to
raise funds through the selling of Awava products in Australia, while
simultaneously contributing to the employment and continued sustainability of
Awava artisans.

Both UFF and Awava share a mutual commitment to sustainable poverty
reduction through skills education, access to resources, and linkages to open
markets. As partners, UFF and Awava are committed to empowering women,
families and communities by utilising these opportunities, in turn increasing
sustainability and quality of life.

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