Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos from our Last Trip to Gulu!

photos by Autumn Magiera, Ryan Gibb and Kate von Achen

Crossing the Nile River at Karuma Falls on the way to Gulu!

Baboons! The highlight of the drive between Kampala and Gulu.

Popo (papaya) trees at Florence's home.

Andrew trying his luck at rolling paper beads!

Lanyero Florence's new home outside of Pece IDP Camp! Florence tells us that the money from Awava orders made this new home possible.

Inside one of the ladies' huts, buying lots and lots of paper bead jewelry!

Konye Keni, the paper bead ladies, outside of one of the women's huts.

Pece Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp~where the paper bead ladies (Konye Keni) live.

Mama Lucy enjoying her favorite, the "Awava burrito" (chapati, nutella and banana happiness!)

Mama Lucy trying to get some work done amidst many distractions.

Lakot Rosemary and Andrew! He was quite popular with the ladies....

Ocen Esther and Andrew!

Auma Lucy ("Mama Lucy") in a fabulous padlock print dress!

Gulu Town~where the Awava magic happens

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WAfrica said...

Kate, just looking at the photos makes me miss home and refuels my desire to make a difference in the lives of my people.
I know i said this before but i must say it again you and and the whole Awava team are doing an awesome job.