Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Uganda Friday: 30 July 2010

by Kate von Achen

The Awava Team has decided that every Friday we will bring a little bit of Uganda to our amazing customers (that's you!) outside of this lovely country.

The decision to do this was based on two things: 1) it is important to us that you not only know about the products and the wonderful women who make them, but we also want you to know about the place they come from; and 2) out of our frustration with Western media and how they depict places like Uganda. Uganda and all other developing nations are more than poverty. They are more than corruption. They are more than human rights violations and war. But unfortunately, the positives coming out of these countries don't sell like the negatives. Uganda is a beautiful place with so many amazing people, just like anywhere else in the world. I fell in love with this country the first time I visited in 2006 and have now lived here for three years!

Every week we will bring you something positive from Awava's home! Music, art, photos of animals. Who knows?! It will just depend on what we're feeling!

This week, we bring you a music video by Maurice Kirya. Kirya has made quite a name for himself internationally as a musician (he even played South by Southwest this year) and has hosted a monthly variety show in Kampala for the past few years in an effort to boost the local music and arts scenes.

Please enjoy his song and video, "Boda Boda" (my primary mode of transportation for my first two years here) below!

*note: "Our Uganda Friday" was inspired by Cary Grant's "His Girl Friday". Why? Why not?!

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