Monday, April 16, 2012

Awava March Give Away Winner

The winner of Awava March give away gets the beautiful Mukwano-Mzuri earrings that we make together with MudHut101 fusing Mzuri Beads with our Mukwano earrings design. Ok, let's do this :)

First, here are all the names laid out next to an Awava Sabunni toiletry bag.

And here are the names folded up in the toiletry bag, ready to be drawn.

And here is the video announcing the winner.


Congratulations, Lil Mercy Project!

Oops! We just realized in the video we say you win the Olunaku purse, but that's for April! This prize is the Mzuri-Mukwano earrings!!! =)

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