Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: Jason the Poet.

by Darlyne Komukama

This week our 'Our Uganda Friday' blog post is a little different and a lot awesome! Now, we at Awava, have been going on for some time about the resurgence of the Spoken Word movement here, in Kampala, and we have told you about some of the events where you can see for yourself the talent displayed by these wonderful poets but today ... Today we have invited one of those poets, one of our favourites, to dazzle you on the blog itself.

Jason has been writing poetry for a very long time and when he met two other guys with the same passion as him, they started the Lantern Meet of Poets which just had its 4th successful annual recital at the National Theatre. (You may remember us telling you about it.) Jason is a regular on the Spoken Word circuit and is a firm crowd favourite at events like Poetry in Session, using his words to call forth emotions in his audience raging from joy to sorrow, inspiring people to agree with him to dub him a dissident but always getting a reaction from the crowd.

The poem featured here is one of the best received ones by the audiences. Here is Jason with 'She Cries.'

We, at Awava, continue to support locally grown talent and will feature one of Uganda's poets, once every month, in different mediums; video, audio and text. (Also, we are very excited about Linkthis, can you tell?)

Enjoy your weekend.