Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The month of May has come to a close and we have compiled a list of all of the shout outs you all have given to Awava on various social media platforms! Before we draw the winner of our beautiful, fairly traded Kibegabega Shoulder Bag on June 3rd, please take a look at the list and make sure that we have you listed and have accounted for each media platform you mentioned us on! If you notice that your name is missing from the list OR that you mentioned us on more platforms than we have listed, please email Remember, for each platform you mention Awava on, you get entered 1 (one) time! And don't forget to keep mentioning us for the June Giveaway!

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a w a v a. said...

Meg Winchester and Lauren Parnell Marino have been added to the list. Is your name missing???