Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Uganda Friday: 19th November 2010

When the International Hospital Kampala opened their charity ward, Hope Ward, Dr. Ian Clarke the proprietor was lauded with praise and recommendation for the wonderful thing he was doing for the country. This was in April of 2006, and through donations from the public and donors, the Hope Ward is able to treat those people who are too poor to afford their own medical care.

Last night, IHK teamed up with Qwela to produce a charity concert like none ever seen in Uganda before. The concert coincided with the release of Dr. Ian Clarke's new book 'How Deep Is This Pothole' which is an autobiographical account of Dr. Clarke himself but also traces the changes in Uganda throughout the last 20 years.

The concert interlaced Qwela's performances with readings from the book with a totally authentic ethnic feel that the band is best known for.

Each ticket was a modest 60,000 Uganda Shillings with all the proceeds from the ticket sales and sale of the books going to buy drugs to treat cancer patients on the Hope Ward.

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