Monday, March 29, 2010

Awava @ Women's Work ~ A GaDuGi SafeCenter Benefit

Please join Awava on Saturday, April 17th at The Lawrence Arts Center (940 New Hampshire)for a show to benefit the GaDuGi SafeCenter and their efforts in Advocacy and Support, Prevention Education, Outreach and Social Change to end sexual violence.

The event titled Women's Work will feature local Women artists, writers and performers and will begin with a 7pm reception with drinks, deserts and arts and crafts in the lobby and the performances will begin at 7:30pm. A donation of $10 is suggested and proceeds from arts and crafts sales will also benefit GaDuGi SafeCenter.

Awava is particularly happy to be involved in events such as this because it helps to attain our goal of a more symbiotic relationship between the United States and Uganda. Vulnerable populations in Uganda are given the opportunity to help vulnerable populations in the US which is a beautiful thing.

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