Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Announcing our Education Sponsorship Program!

With an average annual household income of $440.00, there is no wonder why more than 15% of school-aged children in Uganda do not attend school. With a population of more than 36 million, more than half of that being children under 15 years of age, this poses a big problem for the country, and a long-lasting burden on families. (World Vision country report, 2013)

Despite the best intentions of Universal Primary Education which was introduced by the government in 1997 to provide free primary (grade school) education to all, very few state schools are actually free, and the quality is often lacking due to an absence of resources from desks to salaries for teachers.

While our artisans are making well above the national average annual income, the burden of school fees for proper education is great. Take Mama Lucy, our Lead Tailor, for example. Lucy has two biological daughters and has adopted 13 orphaned nieces and nephews from her two brothers, one who died of HIV/Aids, and the other who was killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Nine of these children are of school-going age. While some are old enough to help supplement for their school fees through tailoring, working in shops, etc., this is still a major drain on the income, and sometimes ends simply do not meet.

We’ve had many people ask us how else they can help, aside from buying the products made by the ladies. This is why we decided to start our Education Sponsorship Program.

How it works? You can go through the profiles of each of the children and choose your level of support for the child you choose. We’ll be sure you get to see their report cards (electronically as they’ll definitely want to hang on to the original), and if you sponsor a full term or more, you will receive a letter from the child that you choose to sponsor.

For sponsorships of full terms and more, there will be a $5.00 fee added to cover international bank transaction fees and the rest of the money given goes 100% to tuition and fees, supplies, uniform and their school uniform.

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