Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NEW PRODUCT! The Versatile Kisero Bag!

Awava has an insanely exciting new partnership with Ugandan artist and designer, Wasswa Donald, and his eco-conscious, artistically dramatic fashion line, Waswad.

Wasswa developed a beautiful and durable, 100% vegan, leather like material using upcycled canvas which he hand paints and designs into finished products. Wasswa is now working with Awava's tailors to produce this amazingly unique collection, also making this line FAIR TRADE! How awesome is that?!

This first featured bag below is the Kisero Bag. It is hands down the funkiest design in the collection, snapping down at the top to create a "triangular" shape, and unsnapping into a huge bag which can fit almost anything! This bag is perfect for a weekend road trip or if you're like our founding director and carry your life with you daily!

This bag is now available at, but here you can see more looks!






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