Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: Cafe Kawa, Our New Favorite!

Cafe Kawa is our new favorite spot in Kampala! They offer amazing coffee prepared by skilled baristas, excellent customer service, WiFi, delicious sandwiches and salads, fantastic bread from BROOD so you don't have to fight the jam in town, amazing pastries (best croissants in Kampala) also provided by BROOD, in a cozy and artistic environment.

Located on Tank Hill Road in Muyenga, right next to Wine Garage, it is the perfect place to wait out the jam during rush hour, and well worth the trek across town if you're not located in the area (we're not!).

Open Monday through Sunday from 7:30am until 10pm.

The amazing Americano, keeping Awava going!

The perfect Hummus and Veggie Sandwich on whole grain bread

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