Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: Daudi Karungi's new book and other Uganda happenings this weekend!

It's finally here! Daudi Karungi's new book, "Extra Ordinary: Significant Women of Uganda", has reached Uganda fresh from the press!

Karungi's book set off to publish a photo collection celebrating the lives of remarkable women in Uganda, quickly realizing there were so many extraordinary women "walking the walk" that it was impossible to capture them all. The book does capture over fifty amazing women in Uganda coming from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs, artists, activists, politicians and beyond. And our favorite part of the book, at the back there is space to add photos of descriptions of extraordinary women in your life!

The launch of this book will be taking place next week and is a private affair, but we will be sure to announce the public launch of this significant book, as well as how to acquire your own copy (in Uganda and internationally) as soon as details are announced!

MishMash is one of the monthly events we look forward to most here in Kampala, bringing together a fantastic fusion of the arts and culture. MishMash dives into myriad artistic fields, from fine arts, craft, dance and culinary delights.

This month's MishMash theme will focus on functional art from unique tables and chairs, mirrors, bowls, pottery, etc.

Exceptional music and dance is also a feature this MishMash. Sabar International will exhilarate you with their pan African percussion fusion, and the menu set by Abalimi Catering.

Located at
Ntinda View Crescent, Naguru, Kampala from 11am this Sunday, September 25th. Hope to see you there!

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