Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our April Gulu Trip (mostly) In Pictures!

by: Kate von Achen

Sorry for the delay. After our return from Gulu, the Awava camera stopped working properly. Luckily we have an amazing, tech-savvy friend, David McCann, who saved the day (and the pocket book)!

Our journey to Gulu almost two weeks back was fantastic. While Darlyne and Hanna had made regular visits to the ladies, I hadn't been up since just before heading for the US for the holidays so it was nice to get back to my home.

So many exciting things have been happening from yet another new workspace for the tailors, to new product designs and new babies and pregnancies, it was so much fun to go and celebrate! And of course to do A LOT of work.

We met with the women of Konye Keni, buying up lots of new paper bead goodies and discussing the new eco-friendly jewelry designs and why we were introducing those. There's a lot of excitement around learning new techniques and working with different materials from Awava, our customers and the artisans!

We spent a lot of time working with the tailors on new products, which we're having trouble keeping in stock even though they're not even ready yet! It's amazing.

And now for the fun stuff......PHOTOS!

Akello Susan with the birthday girl!

Lucy adding our order to her accounting books (which are meticulous 10 months after our business skills training)!

Darlyne working diligently to put our new ordering system to work!

Concy putting some finishing details on some of our new kitenge table mats!

Esther hard at work (there's a baby in that belly)!

You can't tell, but this boy has no pants. And we're not sure where he left his parents either...

Lucy wanted to get our new sun dress sample done so badly, she wouldn't even stop working to hold the phone!

Distracted by phone calls, Lucy still managed to make an AMAZING new dress (coming soon)!

See ya soon Gulu!

My favorite part of the drive between Gulu and Kampala is crossing the Nile River.

There are usually tons of monkeys around!

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