Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Uganda Friday: 28th January 2011

by Darlyne Komukama

The purpose of the 'Our Uganda' posts every Friday is to show Uganda in a positive light, to show that despite what the media portrays there is a lot of joy in living here and that people mostly go on with their lives here as anyone anywhere else. We enjoy art, theatre, music and film.

The events of the past week, however, can not be ignored. The murder of David Kato, a prominent Gay rights activist, on Wednesday in his home is a sad and terrible thing that shows a state of affairs that has come to a head in this country, my country, which I felt was populated with even-headed people who live and let live. There are unsavoury characters who are encouraging this hate for anything different in Ugandans that grieves my heart.

David Kato.© 2009 AP Images

David, you lived a brave life and paved the way for liberties and freedoms that you won't be able to enjoy yourself but that will surely, one day, be accorded to every Ugandan whatever their sexual orientation.

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