Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Uganda Friday: 13 August 2010

by Hanna Schwing

Late again. Maybe we should call it Our Uganda Weekend Post at Some Point? I'm going to blame the build up to celebrating Kate's birthday and the struggle to find the perfect dress for the Kampala Fashion Week kickoff event. But mainly the build up was for Kate's birthday, which takes priority over everything. I guess if my head caught on fire, maybe Kate's birthday would be my second priority. Maybe. Anyway, it was a great party. Which means that this was not the best feeling morning. So a short post.

I really like old photos. And I really like old photos of Kampala, Uganda's capital. The Facebook group,
KAMPALA, has a series of old photos.

The street looks so clean, and there aren't any potholes.

It turns out Kampala was a planned city.