Saturday, December 12, 2009

Give the Gift of Light!

This holiday season Awava staff has decided to provide our tailors in Gulu with a new lighting system which will provide a healthy, safe, environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin lanterns!

We have purchased Base Technologies’ Firefly PowaPack 5W solar lighting system which provides 7 hours of light from four permanent lamps that are recharged by the sun. The tailors’ market stall is free of fumes, the light helps to reduce eye strain, and the tailors have not paid a single Ugandan Shilling.

Upon learning of all of the wonderful products offered by Base Technologies, Awava has decided to form a partnership enabling you to give the gift of light to all of the artisans with whom we work. The Firefly12 Mobile is a solar powered desk lamp and phone charger. The Firefly12 supplies direct light to the artisans work area. The artisans will also be able to use them at home and will no longer have to pay money for kerosene or pay to charge their phones at kiosks in town.

The cost to supply a Firefly12 Mobile to an artisan is $29.00. If you would like to contribute to giving the gift of light this holiday season click here. Any amount donated can help bring light to all the artisans with whom we work.

*Awava and Base Technologies are both for profit business, therefore this donation is NOT tax deductable

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